What is a second shooter?

To start with, what is a second shooter you may ask? Basically it is someone who works alongside the main photographer. Capturing the moments the other can miss and assisting the main one throughout the wedding to be able to capture the best moments.

This is why you need a second photographer at your wedding!

  1. Different angles, and more perspectives
  2. Bridal prep and groom's prep
  3. More candids and more pictures in general
  4. Back up for the main photographer
  5. More creative images, while the main photographer shoots the "save" pictures

Different angles, and more perspectives

There is lots of situations during the wedding when different angles are important. When it comes to ceremony the second shooter is usually in the back so they can capture a wide angle image while the main photographer takes a close up shot. You will have two different pictures from the most important part of your life! Sounds great to me!

During speeches, the main photographer will focus on your reactions when your Best Man is giving the speech of his life, while the second shooter can capture guest's laugher and tears.

Those "boring" family shots... when you are doing that there can be a lot going on, I am sure your guests will have the time of their lives, the second photographer will make sure to capture it all.

Bridal prep and groom's prep

The main photographer cannot be in two different places at once, that's for sure. But two photographers definitely can! It is the most important day for both of you. It's crucial to capture both of you equally. While the main photographer captures the first look with bride's dad, the second will make sure to shoot groom and his mates having fun.

More candids and more pictures in general

Simple as that, two photographers mean more photos, and we all like more photos! When the main photographer walks away with you for some portraits, the second shooter will make sure to get some candids of all the guests.

Back up for the main photographer

Every professional photographer should have a backup. Back up camera, backup memory cards and backup storage for after the wedding.

The second shooter is also some kind of backup. Anything can happen to the main photographer. It’s not very likely to, but why would you take even the smallest risk? 

More creative images, while the main photographer shoots the "save" pictures

There is a lot of pressure on the main photographer, to get the first kiss, the first look. It’s definitely very stressful! The second shooter on the other hand has more freedom and can experiment with different angles or even motion blur to create unique images that not many will have. 

Also, the main photographer may be able to experiment more with assistance. It’s always helpful to have someone to throw a veil for me!


Can I afford it?

Budget can be a difficult one for many of us. Many people consider spending less on things like invitations or outfits and more on photography services. After all this is one of the things you will keep forever after your wedding day. Your children and grandchildren will look at them. Photography is a moment that never dies.

The average price of a second shooter usually varies between £300-£350