The way i work

Documentary & Editorial Style

My instinct as a photographer is to document in a truthful and artistic way. I don’t want to change anything about your wedding day because it’s perfect as it is and for that reason I spend most of the day itself quietly observing and snapping moments as they take place. The candid shots of you and your family and friends are my favourite!

I will give you some tips and little guidance during the portraits if you need any, but feel free to just go with the flow and forget I am there. My favourite pictures are those where you are not looking straight into the camera, walking, kissing, cuddling and laughing. Let's just have fun!


After I take all the "safe" shots I like to get creative and take some artistic pictures like motion blur, paparazzi style with direct flash, so you can feel like a star on your big day, because HEY, IT'S YOUR DAY and you are the most important people there!

I take inspiration mostly from magazines so be prepared for some artistic shots. Every wedding is unique and I am looking for beauty in every detail. You spend so much time choosing all the little details, don't worry I will take pictures of it all!

Check out MY PORTFOLIO for a visual idea!

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